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"It’s the musical equivalent of, 'Honey, I don’t care if the neighbors hear us, let’s make some noise.' The windows might be open, but what the hell. Somebody needs to tell Greg Wickham not to wait so long between albums." - JM McSpadden, No Depression

How can a fifteen-year disappearance from the music business be a good thing for a musician?  Greg Wickham may have the answer, and it can be found on the 2017 release of his full-length If I Left This World

Raised in the Kansas City area on a wide variety of musical influences, Wickham’s music rips through the crossroads of roots rock, country, and Americana.  Having shared lead singing and songwriting duties with brother Fred in alt-country’s critically acclaimed Hadacol (to whom the quote above refers),  Wickham and the band established themselves as vital forces in the alt-country/roots rock music scene with Better Than This (Checkered Past Records) and All in Your Head (Slewfoot Records), leading to features and glowing reviews in Guitar Player, Q Magazine, USA Today, Billboard, No Depression, and countless other national and international publications. With appearances on Mountain Stage, at the Winnipeg Folk Festival, and at several other prominent venues and showcases, Wickham and his Hadacol mates were regulars on the road, touring much of the country and earning a stellar reputation for putting on a blistering live show.

Then he disappeared. 

Well, at least from the public eye.  But he used the self-imposed hiatus from the spotlight to sharpen his songwriting chops and hone his perspective - the kind of perspective that only another decade-plus of grown-up living can provide. 

The result is an intensely personal collection of songs written in a universal language, allowing each listener to inject his or her own experiences into the music.  Wickham maintains the furious energy Hadacol was known for, but he’s now equally comfortable in quieter, more reflective moments, both in the studio and on stage.

With the critically-acclaimed release of If I Left This World, it’s a good bet Wickham won’t be disappearing again anytime soon.