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"You’ll get reeled in from the very beginning–the emotive energy never wanes..." - Susan Hubbard, Mother Church Pew
"It’s a fantastic set, brimming with common appeal, but also personal grandeur..." - Tom Clarke, Elmore Magazine
 "...the singer's sheer passion for life and friends/family shines through, giving listeners a glimpse of a highly talented singer/songwriter on top form. The new disc is a moving testament to Greg Wickham's passion for people and life." - Paul Riley, Country Music People Magazine
"Gorgous, and daring...he’s singing life and death stakes with a sense of humor and a vision big enough to be his final act." - Danny Alexander, Rock and Rap Confidential, Take Em As They Come, and author of Real Love, No Drama: The Music of Mary J. Blige
"Wickham's self-penned songs and general approach generate thoughts of the direction radio-driven country could have gone if it hadn't taken the exit to Nowheresville about a quarter century ago." - Jerome Clark, Rambles.NET

"A-MEN!!!! Pass the plate, brothers 'n sisters, I’m feeling like a member of the congregation...and keep that Front Porch Choir singin’! I just might join in...If I Left This World" is the sort of thing Merle or Willie might've written had they found themselves in different ways and different climes, different it's best someone like him takes the country gig per se forward, keeping the tradition intact while recognizing that no style can remain static." - Mark S. Tucker, Verita Vampirus 

"The whole thing ('Waterfall') unspools at the end, into a tangle of Fred Wickham’s ’68 Tele, and shoot-the-piano-player giddiness coupled with the ecstatic excess of the horn section. It’s the musical equivalent of, 'Honey, I don’t care if the neighbors hear us, let’s make some noise.' The windows might be open, but what the hell...Somebody needs to tell Greg Wickham not to wait so long between albums. This one is a mighty good time." - JM McSpadden III, No Depression and The Flame Still Burns
"The songs on If I Left This World are deep and thoughtful meditations on what other people mean to you, what you mean to them, and what a comfort these connections can be, even in times of loss. This is a quietly joyous record..." - John Kereiff aka 'The Rock Doctor', Gonzo Okanagan
"Alt-country star’s solo debut pairs great orchestration and polished songwriting with a genre-bending sensibility." - Bonnie Gollhofer, Music Director - KBUT Radio
"It’s not Hadacol 2.0, but something grown from the same roots in a different time and emotional place...He confronts his baggage and contemplates how the remaining roads will shape his legacy, drawing experience from the former to inform the choices of the latter." - (also published in No Depression)
"Wickham's one to rally the masses, and the enticing sing-along chorus of 'Me Oh My,' the upbeat entries like 'Wake Me Up,' 'Almost to Springfield' and 'Ain't No Way To Love You,' and occasional mournful ballads such as 'Elsie's Lullaby' and 'Small Roles,' all point to lessons learned while he focused on his family in the years he was away." - Lee Zimmerman, Country Standard Time
"The Celtic-tinged 'Angel Of Mercy (Song For Sophie)', the melancholic piano ballad 'Small Roles' and the closing country waltz 'Elsie’s Lullaby' all deserve attention, but a couple of the songs raise the bar. 'Waterfall' is a rambunctious approximation of The Band’s joyful country soul while the title song is a delightful country duet (with Kasey Rausch) in the best George and Tammy tradition, and 'I Will Comfort You' is fiddle and banjo-led country rock at its best." - Paul Kerr, Americana UK
"Ein echtes Meisterstück!" ("A real masterpiece!") - Country Jukebox
 "... a natural aptitude for broadening stylistic boundaries...while at the same time maintaining the respective virtues of each." - Doug Collette, All About Jazz
"Wickham is clearly a master of his craft." - Bill Locey, RockNRoll Call/Ventura County Star
"This is 'Rio Bravo'/Ricky Nelson 'So tough he doesn't have to prove it' country from Missouri." - Greil Marcus, Salon
"Uncommonly good songs peppered with lyrical images of stunning clarity" - David Cantwell, No Depression
"Our inspirational verse of the week comes from 'It'll Work Out Fine'...'Put a penny on the needle/You're stuck in my head.'  This clever bit of wordplay (remember the days when you weighted your tone arm to spin those warped LPs?) is typical of the sharp songwriting that characterizes the Kansas City-based roots rock band's show." - Chris Morris, Billboard
"Honest, unpretentious rock that's distinctly on the twangy side.  This is what Americana should be all about: direct, with country influences that are readily apparent without being slavish or self-conscious." - Jerry Renshaw, Austin Chronicle
"Songwriting that sticks to your ribs and tunes that stick in your head." - Matt Fink, All Music Guide